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History of WSK KRAKOW Ltd:

     The manufacturer of Communication Equipment called "PZL - Wola" was founded in 1951. It was created on the basis of the newly-built Factory of Plateware (the so-called "Blaszanka"). A new company took over the tradition of metal processing industry of old Krakow. Since the very beginning it has been closely connected with the Polish both aerospace and engine industries.

     Out of a small range of products for the engine industry manufactured between the years 1951-1955 including mainly air filters, ventilators, tubular-plate coolers of water-air and oil-air types as well as side production of e.g. bathroom heaters and watchmaker's lathes WSK Kraków Ltd. launched and developed the production of components and subassemblies for aerospace engines and their parts during the next five years. The basic production range of that time included the following: light alloy forging and casting components and subassemblies, ignition systems and oil cooling systems and others.
     Between the years 1960-65 WSK - "PZL Kraków" as the only manufacturer in Poland and countries of Central-Eastern Europe launched and developed the production of 7 types of centrifugal oil separators under the licence of the Swedish Company AlfaLaval for the shipbuilding industry. At the same time the production of centrifugal oil filters and injector testers for Diesel engines was started.
     Between 1965-70 the production of several types of circulating water pumps under the licence of both Henschel (Germany) and Leyland (England) Companies was begun. The pumps were used in the whole range of the licensed Diesel engines as well as in oil and water coolers of our own design for these engines. Simultaneously, WSK Krakow Ltd. began the separator unit production, based on the Company's own documentation and applied for spent transformer oil regeneration as well as oil coolers and jet ventilators.
     During the years 1970-85 the Manufacturer did not only specialise in the whole range of the above mentioned products but also introduced their new and modernised versions (e.g.: strip - tubular coolers of water-air type, circulating water pumps, self-suction outboard water pumps, oil and manual oil pumps.)
     Since 1994 the Company started the production of heat exchangers for farm tractors and trucks, establishing at the same time the permanent co-operation with the biggest domestic customers and gaining the markets of Central Europe. Also, at that time automobile water pumps were begun to be produced for international customers.
In 1992 WSK Krakow Ltd. changed its name into WSK "Kraków" S.A. and was privatised becoming a joint stock company with 100% share of the Ministry of Treasury. The next step was to join the Common Programme of Privatisation. The process of privatisation was accomplished in 1995 by contributing the Company's majority pocket of shares to the "Piast" XII National Investment Fund.
At the end of 2000 the Company's majority pocket of shares was bought out by one of private entrepreneurs in Krakow to change the Company's name once again into KFAP-WSK S.A. in 2002 and become a part of KCI S.A. Group. A constant development of QC/QA System enabled WSK "Krakow" S.A. to obtain a Certificate ISO 9001:2000 accredited by TUV Essen in 1997 - a very prestigious certificate confirming the ability for aerospace production issued by Civil Aircraft Control Inspectorate and a Certificate AQAP 110 confirming the fulfilment of requirements concerning the quality system of deliveries for the Army according to NATO standards.
     In December 2004 a new Company - WSK Krakow Ltd. was created to continue the manufacture and development of the existing range of products. This new enterprise took over all the authorisation as well as certification adjusting them to the UE standards. In this shape the Company functions today.

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